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In the period between 
850 a.d. &  950 a.d.
The four fastest growing 
provinces within
East Asia was China, Tibet, Java & India, 
all independent leading sovereign nations
of the Eastern Asia hemisphere,
all maintaining populations in excess of
one million (plus) citizens.

Throughout the whole Eastern Hemisphere
Buddhism was the leading religion/spiritual philosophy 
 of the day and was proffered by
enlightened Buddhist spiritual masters,
many having many thousands of adherents
all aware the master 
was the
ultimate spiritual teacher of the day
proffering objectivity, 
insight, and wisdom
 on the human condition. 

Tantra and Tantric Spirituality 

was one of the most popular offshoots
of the Buddhist religion/spiritual philosophy
offering the 
Enlightened Master's 
wisdom/perspective on all things under the sun  
plus the nature of the human condition,  
 human sexuality/sexual pleasure,
and on steps to increasing happiness in one's life/
and similarly on decreasing sadness in one's life's 

The most popular teachings, doctrines/discourses
focussed on Sex, Sexuality, and Orgasm  

The master began one of these discourses by 
introducing the audience to a recent male body
discovery called The G-Spots aka (Prostate Gland)
and (The Perineum) by internally massaging of
these points, one could easily experience orgasmic
pleasures akin to a sexual utopian heaven simply by
having one's sexual partner physically perform
these specific acupressure massaging techniques 
directly on and upon the Male G-Spots  

By authentically replicating these techniques

one would be able to significantly increase as follows:
the duration - the life and the overall sexual strength and
the intensity of this unique orgasm that can be experienced
solely thru the internal stimulation and massaging
of the prostate gland/the perineum which was for all
willing to try a surefire guarantee for orgasmic super-pleasure.


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Prostate Massage/Prostate Milking


 The Unique Sexual Pleasures


Male Prostate Gland Stimulation


Male G-Spot Orgasmic Pleasuring

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Prostate diagram




















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HI THERE,   MY NAME'S NATALIE,   I'M AN ATTRACTIVE 36-YEAR-OLD LADY WITH A PENCHANT FOR THE UNIQUE SEXUAL POSSIBILITIES / SEXUAL PLEASURES AVAILABLE WHEN A MAN'S PROSTATE GLAND IS CORRECTLY STIMULATED a.k.a. THE MALE G-SPOT.    I first discovered the that the prostate gland was a part of the male anatomy approximately 10 years ago (2006) when one of my massage clients literally begged me to act the role of being his partner in his quest to experience what amazing extraordinary satisfying single/multiple prostate orgasms. When push came to shove I said yes and soon I was witnessing something I had never seen before, something absolutely unique and a bloody amazing to boot, a thing called the male prostate orgasm.  If the truth be known at that point in time I wasn't entirely convinced if all I had seen was a well staged elaborate act, after all, that man shouts, screams and shakes uncontrollably kind of like a woman when she reaches orgasm through clitoral stimulation.  Weighing it all up I came to the conclusion what I saw was very real, very authentic inasmuch (1) it seemed to be 2 or 3 times the sexual potency, duration and strength of a normal man having an orgasm (2) His verbal response (noise) was many times louder than I'd ever known before with a mixture of intense breathing, moaning and groaning interspersed with many familiar swear words at a loudish volume typically heard in a porn movie.  Once I had accepted the authenticity of that which I had directly witnessed, I fully committed myself to learning everything about this very underrated sexual discipline. These past years I commenced offering just this service and with much practice I soon got the hang of it per se Having everything almost down pat I soon developed a few stimuli techniques of my own that to this day are still enormously helpful in delivering many many favorable prostate milking/orgasm outcomes and witnessing the client recipient's validation during and after the experience.  Watching a man in the throes of a prostatic orgasm/s got me seriously thinking about alternative forms of sexual pleasure and over time I learned everything I needed to know to successfully stimulate a man's prostate gland/male g-spot to one or more full prostate orgasms.



SOME 8 YEARS LATER AND IT'S INDISPUTABLE THAT I'M A REAL PROSTATE MILKING EXPERT,   WHO HAS LEARNED AND CONTINUES LEARNING EVERYTHING ABOUT PROSTATE MILKING TODAY IF I CAN'T HELP YOU OVERCOME WHAT YOUR PARTICULAR OBSTACLE MAY WELL BE, THEN NOBODY ELSE CAN.  There's few if any particular type of Prostate Milking/Prostate Orgasm obstacles I haven't encountered in the past 8 years. The proof of the prostate pudding = many years of prostate self-education, all in all, a very worthwhile learning experience, an enormous learning experience that enabled me to develop a copious knowledge of many specific techniques and methods to ensure a very successful P.M fulfilling experience each time. Who am I? I am Natalie, just a lady, just a lucky lady with a very highly sought after skill, a very specialized God given skill at that. Yes here I am and here you are, my friends saying I am up there with the best prostate milkers in this country, the most experienced, most practiced, most successful prostate milkers in Australia.  I didn't get these skills through luck lottery or good fortune, actually, ot a snowflakes chance in premature ejaculation hell was my continuing prostate milking success just plain dumb luck. If only I ponder, nothing in life could be so easy. No wonder today that the are numerous disciples of the male prostate orgasm








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My name is Natalie

I'm a 36-year-old Australian-born Melburnian Lady   
 With the proverbial trifecta of desirable female assets
A physically & mentally attractive woman with
Ample brains, breasts, and bottom.

Well groomed and well dressed
I am an attractive looking lady with
 Strawberry blonde red hair  
I have a clean n clear complexion and
I wear minimal makeup

A smallish petite built lady 
I weigh around 58 - 60 kilograms
I stand approx 155 centimeters tall 

An honest genuine & authentic lady
I'm a what you see = what you get woman 
Just like my photographs show
I am the me that you see

A decent human being
I know right from wrong/good from bad
I'm an ardent believer in karma hence
I don't lie - I don't cheat - I don't steal yes
I walk the walk, I talk the talk and
and I always follow the golden rule

That's me / my life
I'm confident you won't be disappointed
In me, in my skills n talents and
In the services I deliver










" I n t r o d u c i n g " 

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(1) - 
DID YOU KNOW THAT PROSTATE MILKING IS NOT AN EASY TO LEARN SKILL, ACTUALLY THE REALITY IS THAT NOT EVERY TOM DICK OR HARRY IS CAPABLE OF SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERING A WHOLLY ORGASMIC AMAZING PROSTATE MILKING EXPERIENCE **  In any given population only a very rare few have the requisite skills, possess the innate skills and abilities to deliver the goods, possess the intuitive nature that all but guarantees the gentleman recipients, not just one but often a number of exceptional prostate milking outcomes of single/multiple orgasmic ending capacities.



(2) - THE ART OF MALE PROSTATE MILKING IS WELL OVER ONE THOUSAND YEARS OLD. THIS SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE THAT THROUGH CORRECT INTERNAL STIMULATION OF THE PROSTATE GLAND BRINGS ABOUT UNIQUE SEXUAL ORGASMS OF AN INTENSITY AND STRENGTH THAT MOST MEN HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE. This end of game outcome is no real secret,  a sexual experience known of in numerous non-western cultures in the eastern man's world,  there's nothing that even comes remotely close to the sexual pleasures a man receives from and through the prostate milking/prostate orgasm experience.



(3) - ALL MEN LOVE THE FEELING OF SENSUAL ANAL PLAY.  IN AND AROUND THE EXTERNAL AREA OF THE MALE RECTUM SITS AN EXTRAORDINARY SEXUAL ARRAY OF ANAL NERVES THAT ELECTRIFY THE MALE SEXUAL POTENTIAL OF ANAL PLAY EXPERIENCE.  In the western world of today, only a relative few have heard of The Male Prostate Gland and Male Prostate Milking as a form of sexual pleasure with a man receiving very exhilarating pleasing feelings and the many and varied sexual pleasures one can experience in the associated general area of Male Anal Play.  The facts are the facts, very few women (including even your own partner) possess much more than the bare basics on delivering any/al of these outcomes including the delivery of a fully potent long duration successful Prostate Milking experience.



(4) - EXPERIENCING PROSTATE SUCCESS ISN'T CONDITIONAL ON GOOD LUCK OR ON GOOD FORTUNE OR ON ANYTHING ELSE.  PROSTATE MILKING SUCCESS IS PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEED PROVIDING ONE HAS FAITHFULLY FOLLOWED START TO FINISH INSTRUCTIONS VERBATIM, THE RESULT'S PREDICTABLE,  PREDICTABLY SUCCESSFUL -- NO CHANCE OF ONE EVER EVER ACCIDENTALLY EXPERIENCING A PROSTATE ORGASM. The odds are well and truly against any untrained person,  any Tom, Dick, Harry promising he/she will get you to experience full prostate orgasm/multiple prostate orgasm/s. Avoid the novice who has either nil / very limited knowledge,  experience,  (a novice's session usually ends with he/she displaying very soiled, very browned fingers) whereas a prostate expert will always complete a session been 100% clean, identical to how he/she was at session commencement



(5) - PROSTATE MILKING IS A LEARNED SEXUAL SKILL AND GOD GIVEN TALENT THAT ONE'S BORN WITH fully successful outcome demands more than just an attractive naked female with flexible adventurous fingers. Natural skills that some have an inner knack for, as they learn, develop it and master it,  master their techniques over time, master through practice and experience until they eventually become very highly skilled in delivering successful outcomes.  Don't kid yourself as this requires skill, knowledge and a large dash of timing,  you 're just kidding yourself if you believe otherwise, you are certainly making one big mistake. For me, for me to get to the point where I could complete a session with clean fingers took over a year,  a very rare skill/talent/gift -- is very learned/is a very honed in sexual skill, the ultimate goal of being able to produce an abundance on demand.









Want To Be 


Prostate Milking Expert?






Do You Have You

What it

Takes ??











Read This 


Discover For Yourself   !!











Successful Prostate Milker

Must Completely Master

These 4 Traits! 




(1) Must know just about everything about The Male Species/about Men/The Male Sex in general terms and just about everything regarding The sexual aspects of The Male Body !!


(2) Must know everything about The Male Prostate Gland including what it feels like to touch, exactly whereabouts in a man's body will it be found and the ways to arouse it !!


(3) Must know through Touching and Feeling exactly how to identify and confirm you have found The Male Prostate Gland !!


(4) Must know exactly step by step what actions work best during the arousal and stimulation phases through to the realization of Prostatic Orgasm !!











P R O S T A T E   M I L K I N G


P R O S T A T E   O R G A S M










Prostate diagram


The 4 Keys



 Prostate Milking Success



Xxxxxxxxx images



( 1 ) -- ONE MUST POSSESS THE STRONGEST OF DESIRES TO EXPERIENCE PROSTATE SUCCESS To truly discover this unique and most extraordinary sexual pleasure with the ultimate aim being for one to experience sexual enlightenment through the discipline of Prostate Milking that's carried out via the internal massaging of The Male Prostate Gland



( 2 ) -- ONE MUST BE WILLING TO RELAX DURING THE PROCESS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY SURRENDER DURING THE ACTUAL PROSTATE MILKING -This in itself is not terribly hard, in fact it is pretty simple and straightforward - The individual with many sexual hang-ups (often imagined sexual hang-ups) makes the pathway towards complete physical/mental surrender a lot harder,  a lot more time consuming than it needs to be - The secret is to just place your total trust in the hands of your Lady Prostate Milking provider



( 3 ) -- MUST REALLY GET IT,  GET THAT A VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL PROSTATE MILKING EXPERIENCE NEVER HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT - If one rejects, resists or fights me and/or fights my actions or if one can't or won't relax or one is unable or unwilling to surrender / to relinquish control through total trust



( 4 ) -- MUST UNDERSTAND THAT A SUCCESSFUL PROSTATE MILKING EXPERIENCE ALWAYS  REQUIRES ONE TO CONTROL THEIR THOUGHTS & THINKING PROCESSES DURING THE PROCESS. Where necessary you must retain the ability to silence one's chattering mind, and to 100% focus on staying in the here and now present moment of time
















(1)  -- WHAT IS " PROSTATE MILKING -- Prostate Milking is the act of massaging, touching and direct stimulation of The Male Prostate Gland for either sexual stimulation or medical purposes.

(2)  -- WHAT HAPPENS DURING " PROSTATE ORGASM "  -- When a man experiences one or more orgasms whilst, during or in certain cases after having his Prostate Gland internally massaged, touched or directly stimulated without that touching including the touching of the man's penis, this action is Prostate Milking.


 -- The Perineum is one of many erogenous zones or sexual hot spots on a man's body.  For the purposes of straight forward identification,  the male perineum is that smooth patch of skin between the testicles and the rectum.

(4)  -- MILKING THE PROSTATE via THE PERINEUM- The direct stimulation of the prostate gland via the internal massaging is by and large the most popular and successful method.  The prostate is usually found at a depth of 1-2 inches in using a single finger for penetration.   Prostate Orgasm is possible without any internal penetration namely via the male perineum.   Whilst the Prostate Gland can be massaged externally thru The Perineum,  it is important that it is only down with very minimal pressing down on The Perineum. Importantly one mustn't press down a too harsh or too hard a manner or press upwards against The Perineum.  The actual pressing down act indirectly stimulates the Prostate Gland (due to  the fortunate positioning of the Perineum) It's not at all unheard of for a man to experience one or more orgasms as a result pressure applied onto The Perineum:

(5)  --  PROSTATE MILKING  --  DO NOT DO LIST !!  -- Never take the risk applying excessive physical force onto The Prostate Gland is not just not recommended,  it is quite a dangerous act as its sensitive and tender membranes.  Applying any excessive force or harsh or aggressive actions towards The Prostate Gland and/or The Prostate's Gland Membrane esp during the penetration of the rectum and whilst the internal massaging is occurring. When massaging the Prostate Gland it's quite crucial to remember that only the barest minimum amount of pressure should ever be applied whilst it is been massaged.  One must never apply direct physical pressure to The Prostate Gland that is greater than the amount of pressure one would consider a safe amount of pressure to rub their naked eyeball with.

(6) -- PROSTATE MILKING  " MYTHS & HALF TRUTHS " -- There are many Prostate Milking falsities circulating.  Perhaps the biggest myth/lie that Prostate Milking is only for homosexuals. Just like most myths, this one does not stand up to the facts. The only true measure regarding one man's sexual preferences lay with the answer to this question,  Do You Find Members of The Same Sex As Attractive "  If you do not find members of the same sex as you as being attractive to you, you are not gay.Prostate Milking has no bearing on one's sexual preferences.  It's ridiculous to suggest any sexual activity could change one from straight to gay. Case closed.

(7) --THE MALE PROSTATE ORGASM FEELS LIKE -- Radically different to the typical orgasm men experience from masturbation/intercourse,  The Prostate Orgasm is an orgasm that is experienced many times slower than the traditional male orgasm.  Additionally, it lasts much longer than the traditional male orgasm.  Describing the actual orgasm feeling one experiences when they are having an orgasm is difficult because there are so many different feelings one experiences,  radically different feelings and levels of sexual pleasure that one has often never before experienced.  Essentially when a man is building up to Prostate Orgasm he feels a heavy mounting and growing pressure from deep down inside his abdomen -- this actual pressure feels more and more pleasurable until Prostate Orgasm itself is experienced.

(8) --AT THE MOMENT YOUR PROSTATE ORGASM OCCURS --it gives off a feeling of intense sexual pleasure from this deep place throughout his penis and from a really warm sensation in his abdomen.  This magic place deep in his abdomen is where he feels this increasing and mounting pressure until overwhelmed with the pleasure of orgasm through the Prostate and it is here that is the focus of the male orgasm. Thus while the penis is generally the focus of male orgasm it is the prostate that is its locus.  A male can orgasm without any penis stimulation at all yet remove a man’s Prostate Gland and he would never be able to Orgasm again even if we constantly stimulated his penis.
















1.  A Head To Toe Full Body Rubdown:
(Non-professional/partially therapeutic)

2.  A Fully Naked Sensually Relaxing Body Rub:

3.  Fully Naked Body Slides:

4.   Non-Prof Pressure Point Optional Treatment:
(Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, Wrists, and Hands)  (On Request)

5.  Non-Prof Pressure Point Treatment:
(Neck, Back & Spine, Buttocks, Legs, Thighs, and Feet) (On Request)

6.  Hand Relief:

7.  Oral Pleasing/Oral Pleasuring:

8.  Stimulation of The Male Perineum:
(Via External Massaging)

9.   Prostate Milking With Simultaneous Oral:

10.   No Limits on Happy Endings:
(Other than when agreed time ends)






135 percent size. what customers are saying testimonials advertisement


After reading many posts about Natalie I decided
the time had come for me to give her special talents a try. She makes many
interesting claims many I've never heard of before such as many
Prostate Milking recipients often experience a number of strong intensive orgasms
delivering unique sexual pleasures and sensations of a strength and potency
that most men have never experienced before.

I bite the bullet and make myself an appointment which was promptly confirmed via text message.
If first impressions really do count like they say she wins a big tick for professionalism.
We meet where I'm staying at the appointed time straight off the bat I note that her photographs
looks and physical description are really her and this is how she actually looks in the flesh.

It didn't take me long to discover that Natalie is one unusually friendly female
not short on conversation actually doesn’t seem to stop talking which can be both
good and bad if you follow me ( no long uncomfortable silences ) (lol)

No time wasting nor any dilly dallying around as soon as the fee settled ($245 per hour)
she passes me a warm and cosy long and soft white cotton robe

Natalie's slowly undresses one item at a time until fully naked and stands before mwae
with me discreetly inspecting her femaleness such a tidy looking body.
Actually a really tidy body my only complaint the big mirror at the head of the massaging table
is dreadfully positioned it offers is a picturesque view of me looking at me nervously grinning and
smiling right on back at me just like the good ole boy from Texas that I am
Much rather mirror positioned a little bit more to the left so I could endlessly perv
on her body a lot more.

Her massage technique is overall quite good, not diploma level but more than acceptable
lasting 10 - 15 minutes long enough until she indicates that roll over time has arrived.

Understanding things intellectually makes their accomplishment so much easier
Natalie tells me in not killing the mood terms the basics of prostate massage/milking
and I can experience prostate orgasms strong and long in duration without touching the penis.

Natalie discreetly retrieves a condom and proceeds to massage around my hole 
her well lubricated finger slowly penetrating me as it slips inside me as she starts giving me
that truly intimate most special internal massage that I by now so much find myself longing for.

She discreetly puts a condom on me as she lowers her head and promptly begins sucking
I'm a man who can't resist the wetness of a sexy woman's mouth and lips,
I find myself not been able to last long with so so much intense stimulation and
within a few minutes she brings me off to a massive all up all over orgasm.

F#ck - f#ck - f#ck - that's one amazing f#cking orgasm !!!

Now that was certainly one hell of an orgasm, the most potent intense orgasm I've experienced
in my whole life. For me when I experience orgasm it usually coincides with ejaculation
where the pleasure lasts say 3 or 4 or 5 seconds tops, yet this prostate orgasm
seemed to just go on and on and on, or should I say
kept on cuming and and cumimg and then some

I am not sure how long it went for but it was at least 30 - 45 - 60 seconds plus,
but whatever it was just take if from me it's one massively long time
especially given I'm laying spreadeagled out on my back gripping onto
the bare massage massage table edges for life n death .
What did it feel like ? What do you reckon ?

Felt like was cuming whilst doing 150 mph in a roller coaster in Luna Park
my senses so completely overwhelmed and all you can do is pray that this moment don't ends
never never ends and hang on in there.
Talking out aloud I say that's what it felt like, I'm left wondering whether it is akin to
when a woman climaxes,when she has a screaming out loud full full on full body orgasm.

Our appointment over
Natalie does the clean up as I get myself dressed
whilst mentally coming to terms with whats I have just experienced
this is one happy little vegemite inside a satisfied client sandwich
a pledge of my eternal allegiance to Natalie.

Stephen Johnson

135 percent size. what customers are saying testimonials advertisement



1.. I Flew From Singapore to Experience Prostate Milking !!!
For the past 5 years, I've traveled the world my purpose had me
seeking alternative ways of experiencing full sexual pleasure 
deprived as a consequence of my suffering erectile dysfunction, 
sadly a permanent no known cure condition that I inherited after
a particularly nasty auto accident some 8 years ago.
I'm pleased to offer Natalie some unsolicited word of mouth
given how that my 2-hour appointment was not just successful, but
by far exceeded my most optimistic expectations and in spades at that,
she got the results given had me in orgasmic heaven a couple of times 
perhaps more as I reflect.  She is unbelievable !!!


2.. Truly Talented with A Real Gift!
Within 3 or 4 minutes of meeting Natalie, I realized all the words
the blah blah blah proclaimed on her website were pretty accurate
A hot lady with copious skills and talent and a born with the knack for
delivering exceptional Prostate Milking outcomes.
From that first moment everything clicked, I felt an instant connection 
with her and effortlessly it stayed that way for the whole time. To me
she came across as a really lovely decent lady,  but a lady who hasn't
developed attitude/ a lady who hasn't let it go to her head!

3.. Prostate Milking Changed Our Sex Life Forever !!! 
After just a single Prostate Milking session,  I saw the light as
I knew in my heart of hearts that prostate milking was the magic bullet
I and my not too active sex life were so so much in need of so badly. 
Today I experience my first prostate orgasm,  today I welcomed
a whole new dimension to my otherwise dead as a doorknob sex life,
tomorrow I may well impregnate the entire world !!!  

4.. Addicted to Natalie - Addicted to Prostate Milking !!!
Hi there I used to be Natalie's most regular client but sadly that 
is any longer true as I am now permanently residing in Bejing,  
Such is life of an expat Australian way far from home
 I knew Natalie for 3 years and she is a very special lady in every way,
if you are into prostate milking and the like I doubt you will find a better
provider to. Every time I saw Natalie it felt so real like it was the very first time
all over again. Ever seen the movie, 50 first dates !!!
























(1) Monday - Sunday


***  7 Days a Week  ***



10.00am Start Time

  10.00pm  Finish Time







PERFECT SIZED   important announcement





30 - 60 minutes

advance notice























One Hour Prostate Milking  (60 Minutes)  =  $245

One & Half Hours Prostate Milking  (90 Mins) =  $345

Two Hours Prostate Milking (120 Mins)  =  $445









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Natalie via Mobile -   0413 097 580

Natalie via S.M.S. Message -   0413 097 580

Natalie via Email -

SWA 6781 XE








(1) Sorry,  I Do Not Offer Sexual Intercourse !!

(2) Sorry, I Don't Answer Private Numbers !!

(3)  Sorry, I Don't Offer Unsafe Sexual Services !!




Victorian state gover

In the State of Victoria all photographs

or other pictorial representation

of an adult services provider

may not be published unless

restricted to displaying only

the head and shoulders




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Full Body Lingerie Legs  -   Natalie

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Natalie in sunglasses  2007

New book cover